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Grow Kits

Growing up on beautiful farms of Pollachi, our family realized that the art of nurturing and growing plants shouldn’t be limited by your geography. We decided to make the craft of gardening simple, easy, and accessible for everyone. That’s how CoirPlus Grow kit was born. Not only it is a beautiful home garden kit providing you a much needed relaxing hobby, it is a great gift for your loved ones rather than just a bouquet of flowers! So GROW ONE & GIFT ONE


5 Biodegradable Coco Growing Pots

Ideal for seed starting. The pots are biodegradable and can easily be replanted into a larger pot at a later stage.

5 Compressed Coco Potting Discs

Made from peat. Expands 6–7 times of its original size when watered. Ideal soil mixture for seed starting.

5 Packs of free Spinach Seeds 

Pack of 5 (Fenugreek, Red, Green, Purple & Tropical Amaranth) healthy spinach seeds

5 Wooden Plant Markers

Allows you to label, identity & keep track of each pot.

 A Beautiful Grow Guide

* How to sow, grow, harvest & propagate each plant.

* How to prepare natural home-made, healthy fertilisers & plant food.

* Timelines to harvest each plant

* Nutritional values of each spinach variety

* 6 amazing green recipes for you to try

* A fun Do-it-yourself plant marking corner



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