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Coir Pith An Emerging Dollar-Earning Product

COIMBATORE: Post the devastation caused by cyclone Gaja that fell more than 30lakh

The price of coconut has gone up by Rs 6 per kilogram, said MR Palanisamy, deputy director of agriculture. “Before Gaja, the price of coconut was Rs 26 per kg. Now it stands at Rs 32 per kg.”

The price of allied products such as coir pith has also shot up, said exporters in the region. While the price of a ton of coir pith was in between Rs 14,000 and Rs 15,000, post Gaja, it has gone up to Rs 17,500, which is an all time-high, said S Mahesh Kumar, president of the coir Pith Exporters Association. “As acres of coconut plantations have been wiped out in Pattukkottai in Thanjavur.

Coir pith is a spongy material made from coconut husk. It is being increasingly used as a medium for plant growth in nurseries globally.

“The cyclone has also blown away about 40% coir pith, which had been stacked in the open areas in the delta districts, Kumar said. “It was a huge loss for the industry.”

“Gujarat and Rajasthan. As the area is hit, buyers would look for alternatives. But chances are high that they might go to Andhra Pradesh as coconuts there are affordable than those from Pollachi,” he said. ”

Though there might not be a huge price rise in the region, merchants might use the situation to hike coconut prices, said AS Babu, a coconut farmer at Sulur.

EDITOR : L.N. Revathy

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